ScreenUrin Refill Pack 80ml


SKU: SW-002
  • 80 ml refill pack

    Fits both the ScreenyWeeny and the ScreenUrin set

    Easy to replace


    Three different identification marks (red, yellow, green) indicate different values in the urine such as pH and creatinine values, as these depend on diet and vary from day to day.

    All sachets contain synthetic urine that is equivalent in all relevant parameters to the urine of a healthy, sober person. All three colours have the same high standard of quality. Important note: ALL three marked types are completely acceptable for use.

    The temperature in the thermo-sachet remains constant and natural (33–34°C). The sachets are easy to replace so that your ScreenyWeeny/ScreenUrin set is ready for use again as quickly as possible.

    Looks just like real urine in UV light.

    CleanUrin is not suitable for consumption and may not be used to falsify drug tests/checks/examinations.

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