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SKU: GV-10127
  • Gballs² team is a group of international entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, engineers and health specialists. The team has come together to introduce new solutions to the women`s health sector.
    Our technical team integrates state‑of‑the‑art sensors and wireless technology to develop products that work in synchronization with human health science.

    Your personal coach for kegel exercises

    • Personalized virtual coach
    • 6 comprehensive training courses
    • Voice guide
    • Daily target
    • Badges & reward system

    Gballs² exercises improved results

    • 6 individualized training courses
    • Exercising the right pelvic floor muscles
    • Guided daily exercises
    • Track daily exercise activity
    • Badges, rewards and game‑like training system
    • A fun way to train the pelvic floor muscles
    • Advancing reward system at various course levels

    Ultra sensitive pressure sensor

    Multiple sensors ensures accuracy of biofeedback


    Silicone unified body

    Bluetooth 4.0 technology

    Wireless and low power consumption

    Gballs² works in non‑app mode

    Product diagram

    • 1 Power/Toggle Key
    • 2 LED Light
    • 3 Reset Key
    • 4 Charging Port
    • 5 Cord/Antenna
    • 6 Touch‑sensitive Area


    • Material: Body-safe silicon /ABS
    • Size: 31×82 mm
    • Weight: 54 g
    • Battery: 200 mah
    • Working time: 4 hours
    • Frequency: 7200 / minutes
    • Waterproof: 100%
    • Warranty: 1 year



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