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Fantasies and fetishes are the fun to a well-rounded sex life. We love to feed your libido and give it the fuel it needs to burn with passion, intimacy, and finish in a rosy afterglow. Orgasms are fantastic for the body, and you deserve to have then however you want, whenever you want. 

With our anal sex toys, the adventures in your mind’s eye might just come trye. Wild and wicked or something entirely your own, these toys make themselves a part of endless sexy scenarious. The scintillating sensations are unparallelled – and we have all the designs and accessories you could dream of to bring you to bliss, time and time again. 

We endeavour to keep you as happy and healthy as can be, and our range of butt plugs, beads and stimulating toys might just float your boat. If taking the back door into another world is your thing, we have all you’ll need in our exciting product range.


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The male anatomy is wired for pleasure in more than one way – and we love to help you find it. While we stock the best anal toys on the market, we have a section of our collection dedicated especially to men’s anal toys. 

It’s a unique pathway to pleasure that we’re delighted to help you explore, and even has it’s very own health benefits. After all, the body is a ‘use it or lose it’ phenomenon, and we’re here to help you experience it’s wonders in every way.


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We believe that the desires stirred within you are meant to be unleashed into reality and savoured through exploration. Like shedding every piece of clothing one by one, each time you fulfill a fantasy, another one can awaken, and bring you to new levels of sexual enjoyment. 

With our dedication to quality and service, we endeavour to provide you with the means to safely explore all facets of your flaming curiosity in full faith. You won’t find any trace of our name on your bank details, and we take care with the tasteful, under-the-radar packaging we provide. All in all, we keep our secrets so you can, too – and we’re sure it only adds to the fun. 

Finalise your fantasies in full confidence when you buy anal toys that open your hurricane door of desire.


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